1. Are you open to the public, or do you have to be a member?

Yes, we are open to the public, but we are sometimes closed for tournaments.

Make sure to check our calendar of events!

2. Do you rent shotguns?

No, we do not rent any firearms. You must bring your own shotgun.

3. Do you allow other firearms, rifles or pistol?

No, we only allow shotguns, which you must bring in yourself.

4. Do you sell ammo?

Yes, for $8.50 including tax.

5. Do you have instructors/classes?

No, we do not offer classes or instructors at our site. To contact an instructor directly, visit our instructors page.

6. Can we bring our own targets?

No, you cannot provide your own targets; we provide those for you.

7. Can we bring our own golf cart?

Yes! We also rent out golf carts.

8. Do you rent golf carts?

Yes, but you can also bring your own!

9. Do you sell or provide eye and ear protection?

Yes, eye protection can be borrowed and earplugs are free.

10. Do we need reservations?

No, walk-ins are welcome!

11. Is there an age limit?

No, but minors must be with a parent or guardian.

12. How long will it take to shoot sporting clays?

Expect to be here at least an hour.

13. Is there a dress code?

It’s recommended that you wear close-toed shoes.

14. Does the weather effect your hours?

Yes, please call to confirm we are open if the weather is bad.

15. Does your facility have concessions?

No, we do not have on-site concessions.

16. Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes, you can bring alcohol for when you are done shooting.

17. What is an NSCA event?

See NSCA's website for details.